Writing My First Novel

I started writing my own stories in the fourth grade. They weren’t very good, and most were blatant copies of TV shows or movies. But it was fun. Those early stories had titles like “Horror House” and “The Graveyard”. I’ve always been drawn to the macabre.

Some of my old stories. I continued writing in high school, and a bit in college, but my career took me down a different path over the last decade, so I never gave it any serious effort.

But that changes now. I’ve started work on my first novel.

I estimate it will take 12-18 months to outline, write, edit, re-write, re-edit, and have something worth publishing. That’s my goal, anyway.

I’ve finished a rough 3,500 word outline that hits all the major plot points and scenes. And that road map of an outline has me very excited for this upcoming journey.

I’ve hired thriller writer T. Michael Martin (The End Games, Mr. Fahrenheit) as a book coach (more on that in my next post). And I will be working with Ellen Brock as my developmental editor. Mike is a great writer with a brain very in tune with my own. And Ellen is a very experienced editor, high in demand, who creates very informative vlogs covering every aspect of writing and editing.

I am starting this series of blog posts early in the game, but that is because I want to document the entire process of writing a book… from the first little story idea, through development and writing, to eventual publication.

I will write about the small successes, and the small failures along the way. I’ll answer your writing questions, and pose my own. And I’ll reach out to you all here first when it’s time to find a select group of beta readers.

I’ve just launched my first ever newsletter, which you can sign up for in the sidebar or on this dedicated page here. The newsletter will be used sparingly to send out updates about this book and future stories. If you don’t want to check back here often, the newsletter is a great way to remain in the loop.

And my contact page is open for any and all questions. While I haven’t finished a novel yet, I was published back in 2008. I co-authored (with Michael W. Dean) a tech book for O’Reilly Media, YouTube: An Insider’s Guide, that covered my rise on YouTube and what I did to become one of the Top 100 Most Subscribed at that time. So I do have a little experience in the publishing world.

But writing a novel is a very different process. I know I have a lot to learn (and will share all of it) over the next year or two. And I hope you’ll join me as we (hopefully) turn a little story idea into a big finished novel.