About Alan

Hi, I’m Alan Lastufka.

I’m a songwriter, author, filmmaker, visual artist, and most importantly, a collaborator.


In addition to my own band, The Caulden Road, I’ve also co-written, produced, and/or distributed albums for dozens of indie rock and pop artists through DFTBA Records including Meghan Tonjes, Driftless Pony Club, and Epic Rap Battles of History.

I co-founded DFTBA Records with Hank Green in 2008 to help creative people make a living doing what they love. Over the years DFTBA has grown from me hand-packing every order next to a few shipping boxes and a desk in the corner of my bedroom to an 8,000 sq ft warehouse with a staff of over a dozen employees. DFTBA Records has worked with more than 80 creators including Smosh, Wil Wheaton, Rhett & Link, Hannah Hart, PBS Digital Studios, and Maureen Johnson, paying out millions in royalties every year.

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My non-fiction writing focuses on independent art, technology, publishing, and music. I love learning by doing and then sharing my experiences to help encourage and guide other creators.

I’ve published my own work and the work of others via a small press I founded back in 2005. My writing has also been published in print by O’Reilly Media and Verbicide Magazine, and online via numerous magazines and zines. I’ve been interviewed by FHM Magazine, CBS Morning Radio, YouTube’s official blog, The Herald News, and many other outlets.

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My film work has ranged from documentaries and personal vlogs to music videos and short narrative films. I’ve worked on multiple video projects for film star Kevin Pollak, the rock band imadethismistake, comedian and entrepreneur Lisa Donovan, and others, while also co-founding the FiveAwesomeGuys YouTube channel.

My videos have been viewed more than 7 million times on YouTube alone (with an additional 10 million views on the FiveAwesomeGuys channel), while my first short film aired four times on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) and my first kinetic typography video was recognized as a finalist by the Guggenheim Play exhibit.

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I majored in graphic design in college, and while I dropped out before finishing (the freelance work was piling up and I couldn’t juggle both), I love communicating visually. I’ve designed an audiobook box set and website for New York Times bestselling author John Green. Posters, banners, book covers, and flyers for numerous small publishers including Microcosm Publishing, Small World Buttons, and Zine World. T-shirts and posters for numerous content creators. And websites for comedian Michael Buckley, author E. Lockhart, HBO writer Andrew Zilch, and many others.

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So Many Projects!

There are a lot of “co-”s in those last few paragraphs. That’s because I’m continually surprised by what two or more people can accomplish when sharing their combined knowledge and working towards the same goal, whether that goal is how to distribute media and physical merchandise more efficiently or to write the next “theme song of our generation” (a quote from a very kind review of my song “Summer of ‘09”).

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There are many opportunities for you to share your knowledge with me on this site. You should feel invited to leave comments on posts or email me from my contact page. Maybe we’ll get to work together soon!