My name is Alan Lastufka and I am an author, songwriter, and most importantly, a collaborator.

I am the co-founder of DFTBA Records, named “Best Online Music Label of the Year” by Mashable during our first full year of business.

I’ve co-written numerous hit singles (streamed over 1,000,000 times), including taking the role of lyricist on “Summer of ’09“, “Boxcar Blood” and “Can’t“. I’m a co-founder of the rock band The Caulden Road. Visit our website to stream all of our music releases.

I am also the co-author of YouTube: An Insider’s Guide, published by O’Reilly Media in 2008.

I believe in collaborating with other creators around the world, including through microloans designed to benefit other small business owners. That’s why I donated 10% of the royalties from the sales of my first EP to Kiva loan seekers, and why DFTBA Records regularly donates the proceeds from its best-selling items to Kiva and other worthy foundations.

It took the support of a co-founder and partner to launch DFTBA Records, and a number of people working together to produce my first EP. By giving back with microloans, I am able to support more small business creators, farmers, and other producers with a dream.

There are a lot of “co-”s in those last few paragraphs. That’s because I’m continually surprised by what two or more people can accomplish when sharing their combined knowledge and working towards the same goal, whether that goal is how to distribute media and physical merchandise more efficiently or to write the next “theme song of our generation”.

There are many opportunities for you to share your knowledge with me on this site. You should feel invited to leave comments on blog posts or email me from my contact page. Maybe we’ll get to work together soon!