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Posted on April 21, 2018 in Blogging

My name’s Alan Lastufka and I’ve done a little of a lot.

I’ve launched a few podcasts, made hundreds of online videos, written and recorded my own music, programmed a couple virtual instruments, designed and distributed merchandise for dozens of online content creators, was traditionally published after I self-published a couple zines, and I’ve co-founded a few businesses. If you’d like to read more details about any of the above, head over to my About page.

Alan Lastufka and the Art Assignment

A few behind-the-scenes shots while working on the third Art Assignment project.

So, I have all of this experience and knowledge that I want to share and, of course, more I still hope to learn. That’s where this blog comes in. I’m going to share my stories and advice here with you and I hope you will in turn share your stories and advice with me.

Maybe you struggle with a certain step on your dream project; a seemingly small but insurmountable roadblock. Let’s tackle that and find a solution. Whether it’s facing your fear of rejection and finally submitting your work for review, or maybe it’s figuring out how to fund your trip to New York to finish your documentary.

I’ve faced negative reviews and funding shortages and solved those problems in the past, as have many others. Hopefully an article here or one of the readers’ comments here can offer a suggestion that will demolish your roadblock. How exciting!

Building Your Personal Digital Archive

I combed through tens of thousands of files to build my new archive website.

I’ve spent the last few months putting together this new archive website. The projects listed here go back 15+ years! There’s over 5 hours of streaming music and video. Over 100 new pages of content, short stories, poems, interviews, articles, and so much more. And, of course, I will continue to add to the site as new projects are finished.

To keep in touch, you can subscribe to my newsletter for free. The newsletter will be sent out once a month and will feature a digest of articles and news. If you have a specific pressing question, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to respond to you directly, or research and write an article answering your question if the information will also benefit others.

I look forward to the stories and advice we will share here. Thanks for stopping by!

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