Studio B Sample Library

Package Design • May 25, 2005

Lastufka Libraries Bela D Media Studio B Sample Library Art

My second commercially released sample library was Studio B, a collection of sampled drums, bass, and guitar. While I produced this library under the Lastufka Libraries (LastLibs) name, it was commercially distributed as a Bela D Media product as I had begun working for the Bela D Media company at this point.

The Studio B sampled drums were one of the very first multi-track drum libraries, offering producers the opportunity to mix their sampled drum tracks in the same fashion as multitracked studio drums.

Studio B Multitrack Sampled Drums

A screenshot of the Studio B multi-tracked acoustic drums in Native Instruments’ Kontakt.

I recorded and programmed the sampled drums with my friend Robert Randolph, I recorded and programmed the bass guitar, and Aaron Dirk recorded and programmed the guitar for Studio B.