DFTBA Records Volume One Cover Art

DFTBA Records: Volume One

Compilation of Various Artists • April 14, 2009

This title is out of print and sold out.

  1. Out of the Box – Dave Days
  2. The Anglerfish Song – Hank Green
  3. Short and Sweet – Julia Nunes
  4. Can’t – Alan Lastufka & Tom Milsom
  5. Exterminate, Regenerate – Chameleon Circuit
  6. Little Soldier – Dr. Noise
  7. Debut – Fortunes Fall
  8. In the Absence of Christmas – Charlie McDonnell
  9. Alaska – Blue Skies
  10. Porphyrophobia – Tom Milsom
  11. The Nonsense Song – Michael Aranda feat. Kristina Horner
  12. I Pity the Fu – Molly Lewis
  13. Don’t Look Back (Demo) – Alex Day

Produced by Alan Lastufka & Hank Green

DFTBA Records: Volume One is a compilation album Hank Green and I curated to promote the artists on our label. Most of the songs were available on other releases, but a few were new for the compilation.

Volume One was released on CD and digital download in April of 2009.

This title is out of print and sold out.