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The Early Singles

Compilation by The Caulden Road • June 2, 2015


  1. Shine 3:47
  2. Summer of ’09 (Feat. Meghan Tonjes) 3:47
  3. Transistor 4:22
  4. Transistor (The Michael Aranda Remix) 4:50
  5. Summer of ’09 (The Midnight Mix) 3:44

Executive Producer: Alan Lastufka
Producer: Christian Caldeira
except “Transistor (The Michael Aranda Remix)” produced by Michael Aranda and The Caulden Road

The Early Singles gathers the early singles originally released by The Caulden Road between April 2011 and December 2012. Before Christian Caldeira and I released our first EP Reflexion, we wanted to collect our first few singles and remix tracks for release. We felt this was the best way to let new fans experience our earlier singles and promotional releases.

This compilation features slightly updated tracks that were re-mixed from the original multitrack sessions in 2015 by Christian Caldeira, except “Transistor (The Michael Aranda Remix)” which was mixed in 2012 by Stefan Chin. After each track received an updated mix, the entire compilation was mastered in high resolution by Stephen Marsh.