The Caulden Road Transistor Cover Art

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Single by The Caulden Road • October 2, 2012


  1. Transistor 4:22

Executive Producer: Alan Lastufka
Producer & Mix Engineer: Christian Caldeira

“Transistor” is the second Caulden Road single. It was released as a stand alone single and has since become a fan favorite.

The song didn’t receive a music video, but a lyric video was made.

The Caulden Road Transistor Lyric Video

A frame from the “Transistor” lyric video.

The song was later remixed by Michael Aranda, covered by Rob Scallon and Tamara Lynn Chambers, covered by Raven Zoe, and in 2017 Christian Caldeira and I re-released the song in five variations as Transistor_2017 to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

“Transistor” is now featured on The Early Singles compilation release.