The Caulden Road Transistor_2017 Cover Art

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Single by The Caulden Road • September 1, 2017


  1. Transistor_2017 4:20
  2. Transistor^Dubstep_Remix 1:25
  3. Transistor_0001 (Alan and Kaezie’s Home Demo) 1:35
  4. Transistor_0002 (Alan and Christian’s Band Demo) 4:12
  5. Transistor*Acappella_Version 4:06

Executive Producer: Alan Lastufka
Producer & Mix Engineer: Christian Caldeira
Mastered by Stephen Marsh

“Transistor_2017” is a new version of The Caulden Road’s 2012 single “Transistor“. This new version was constructed over the summer of 2017 and released along with four other versions on a hand-numbered promo CD single (limited to 55 copies sent out directly to fans) to celebrate the five year anniversary.

The Caulden Road Transistor_2017 Numbered Promo CD Single

The promo CD singles were hand-numbered in gold calligraphy ink.

The additional versions included an unfinished dubstep remix that was produced by Christian when the original single was released, the original home demo Kaezie and I recorded while the song was being written, the original band demo Christian and I recorded while the song was being produced, and Christian’s a cappella studio track.

The new “Transistor_2017” was also released to digital streaming services as “Transistor (Rewired)” without the four additional versions which were exclusive to the promo CD. The track’s name had to be changed from “Transistor_2017” to “Transistor (Rewired)” as most streaming services don’t allow dates or years in song titles.