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Lastufka Libraries

Business • Launched July 5, 2004

The Lastufka Libraries (aka LastLibs) was a virtual instrument and sample library company I founded in July of 2004.

Our launch product was an Acoustic Bass Guitar library which I sampled, edited, and programmed. The library was distributed by Bela D Media.

Lastufka Libraries Acoustic Bass Guitar Sample Library Full Art

Full Acoustic Bass Guitar DVD Amaray case design.

The Acoustic Bass Guitar library was advanced for its time, offering real round robin samples for every note on every string, and convolution reverb of the guitar body, to help better simulate the playing of the actual instrument.

Shortly after I developed my first VST effect plugin with SigmaDelta Audio Labs. It was a simple compressor and distortion effect called “Tourniquet”.

Tourniquet VST Effect Plugin

Tourniquet VST Effect Plugin GUI

The first distribution partnership with Bela D Media went so well that all future LastLibs products were released under the Bela D Media name.

My second release was Studio B in 2005. Studio B is a collection of sampled drums, bass, and guitars. The collection provided everything needed to produce a pop rock track completely virtually.

Lastufka Libraries Bela D Media Studio B Sample Library Art

Studio B virtual instrument collection.

The Studio B sampled drums were one of the very first multi-track drum libraries, offering producers the opportunity to mix their sampled drum tracks in the same fashion as multitracked studio drums.

Studio B Multitrack Sampled Drums

A screenshot of the Studio B multi-tracked acoustic drums in Native Instruments’ Kontakt.

Additional libraries were planned, but financing fell through. Among the abandoned projects were The Crypt (an avant-garde instrument collection), Weeping Willows (an e-bowed electric guitar library), an electric violin sample library, and a prepared piano library.

The Crypt Player

Mock-up I made of the proposed The Crypt avant-garde instrument collection.

Weeping Willow Design

Mocked-up I made in 2004 for the abandoned Weeping Willows guitar project.