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YouTube Channels

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fallofautumndistro YouTube Banner
I created my first YouTube channel (fallofautumndistro) on September 26, 2006. I’ve uploaded over 220 videos to that channel over the years. My videos have been viewed over 7 million times.

The videos ranged from vlogs, parodies, original music, music videos, and short narrative films. Some of the better videos from my channel are featured on my video page.


fiveawesomeguys Five Awesome Guys YouTube Banner
I co-founded the fiveawesomeguys channel with Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, Todd Williams, and Johnny Durham on January 28, 2008. I uploaded our first video “Use Washable Markers Next Time” that day. The channel was one of the early and most successful “collab” channels which featured numerous content creators collaborating on a single channel.

Videos ranged from Q&As to challenges to personal vlogs. We created over 230 videos over the course of 2008. Those videos were watched over 10 million times in total. Our channel was modeled after the fiveawesomegirls project.


I co-founded the ourmixtape channel with Bill Martin, Paul Turner, Ed Bann, J.B. Dazen, and Raven Zoe on August 10, 2009. Another “collab” channel, our videos focused on music writing and production tips for online musicians.

Though we only produced 30 videos, those videos were viewed over 250,000 times and lead to a number of music collaborations including me co-writing a few songs with Raven Zoe and working with J.B. Dazen for my first studio album Erase This.