iPwn – The Girl Gamer

November 24, 2007 • Parody • Director: Alan Lastufka

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Parodying both the 2007 series of Apple iPhone commercials and eschewing the “girl gamer” stereotype, this comedic video features ex-Mad TV star Lisa Donovan (LisaNova) in the title role.

Remote Directing Lisa Donovan

Remote Directing Lisa Donovan in LA from Chicago.

This video was an experiment in “remote directing”. LisaNova filmed in LA and I directed her from Chicago utilizing a live feed from the production space. We broadcast the entire remote directing project live on Stickam. Camera work and production in LA were handled by Danny Zappin (Danny Diamond).

Remote Directing Lisa Donovan

My view of the live feed from the LA production space.

Remote directing my script was a lot of fun, and the process, inventive at the time, went smoothly for both me and Lisa. While common these days, live streaming was still at its infancy in 2007 and this was a fun use of the then-new technology.