Fall of Autumn Quarterly 2 Zine

Fall of Autumn Quarterly #2

January 15, 2007 • Format: 5.5″x8.5″ • 12 Pages

This issue is out-of-print and sold out.

The Fall of Autumn Quarterly #2 is the second publication by my zine distro, Fall of Autumn.

The Quarterly was free in both print and digital download formats. Hundreds of copies were mailed out directly to subscribers, and copies were available at dozens of libraries, infoshops, and other indie media-friendly locations.


  • “Be a Zinester: How and Why to Publish your own Periodical” by Anne Elizabeth Moore (The Onion, The Chicago Reader, Punk Planet)
  • “Holidays in the Rust Belt” by Rosie White (That Olde, Weird America)
  • “The Final War Will Be Between Pavlov’s Dog and Schrödinger’s Cat” by Aaron Cynic (Diatribe)
  • Speakerfire – Audio Alchemy (music review)
  • Mend My Dress #4 (zine review)
  • The Obsesser (zine review)
  • Kimagure na Dowa no Hon (zine review)
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