Fall of Autumn Quarterly 4 Zine

Fall of Autumn Quarterly #4

July 15, 2007 • Format: 5.5″x8.5″ • 12 Pages

This issue is out-of-print and sold out.

The Fall of Autumn Quarterly #4 is the forth and final publication by my zine distro, Fall of Autumn.

The Quarterly was free in both print and digital download formats. Hundreds of copies were mailed out directly to subscribers, and copies were available at dozens of libraries, infoshops, and other indie media-friendly locations.


  • DIY Filmmakers” by Alan Lastufka (originally published in Verbicide Magazine)
  • “Dissolve and Conquer: Capitalism and Community in Independent Publications” by Aaron Cynic (Diatribe)
  • “Firewhiskey Cream Comets: A Magical Recipe” by Kate Sandler
  • Signals: the/wave project #5 (zine review)
  • Xploited #1 (zine review)
  • The Brokedowns – New Brains for Everyone (music review)
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