Fall of Autumn

LAUNCHED October 1, 2005
Fall of Autumn

I launched the Fall of Autumn website in October of 2005.

Originally a forum for writers and artists to discuss their craft, the site grew into a resource for all indie creators, featuring a zine distro, an original web comic, reviews, podcasts, and more.

Eventually the Fall of Autumn was run as a co-op by myself, Aaron Cynic, and Kate Sandler.

Fall of Autumn launched the Zinester Podcasts in December of 2005. Each episode featured a zinester reading from one of their issues. 49 episodes were produced over two and a half years. Select episodes were later rebroadcast live on the air during the “Great Sound Caper” hour on CHMR 93.5 FM in St Johns, NL Canada.

Fall of Autumn began publishing a quarterly zine in October of 2006. The Fall of Autumn Quarterly featured interviews, reviews, articles, and an abbreviated distro catalog.

In March of 2007, Fall of Autumn released our first original video production, “Fall of Autumn Filmstrip: Offset Printing”. The video gave a brief history of offset printing, along with a tutorial on how offset printing works.

By the end of 2008, having found early success with my online videos, I closed the Fall of Autumn to refocus my creative energy into YouTube and DFTBA Records.