Pressed Between the Pages #2

PUBLISHED November 24, 2006
Pressed Between the Pages 2 - Cover Art


Pressed Between the Pages #2 is the second issue of my perzine. This issue includes short stories of bb gun practice in the basement, diaries hidden in backpacks on car floors, and recurring nightmares. This issue features no poetry, unlike the first issue, but adds a new section of zine reviews.

The cover was illustrated by Trent Call (Swinj zine).


eBook, 4.25″ x 5.5″ Print Zine

This title is currently Out of Print.


  • “The Neverending Story”
  • “Untitled #1”
  • “Title & Registration”
  • “Untitled #2”
  • “What Sarah Said”
  • “She Handed Me Her Diary”
  • Zine Reviews: Adore #13, Conscious Defect #1, My Brain Hurts #4

“Tiny in stature but powerful in words, the second issue of Alan’s zine captures feelings of loss and loneliness attached to change with striking perfection.

Whether he is discussing holidays, moving, or the end of a relationship, he manages to tap into the well of melancholy many feel when faced with the shifting of life. But where most are unwilling to admit to this feeling of unsettling loss, Alan grabs it and holds it out into the light for all to see and relate to.

Love this zine.”

Omaha Zine Library

Robyn Charles

“Lots of short stories and anecdotes about the ups and downs of Alan’s life. Day to day living, saying goodbye to friends, holiday celebrations… All sorts of stuff, most of which has that bittersweet “well, that’s life” sort of feel to it.

Everything is beautifully laid out and easy to read. There are even a few zine reviews towards the end. Good stuff.

Alan is a mysterious person whom I’ve never met, and know little about. He made me a nice mix CD for Halloween. He runs the website, and seems very ambitious about life. He works on projects, and promotes the projects of others. Last I heard he was in downstate IL.”

Behind the Zines/Proof I Exist

Billy McCall


Technical Details

GENRE Perzine
PUBLISHER Alan Lastufka
ISSN 1934-3973