Project for Awesome

FOUNDED December 17, 2007
Project for Awesome

I helped develop the Project for Awesome (sometimes stylized as Project 4 Awesome) with Hank Green and John Green (vlgobrothers) in 2007.

The Project 4 Awesome aims to “take over YouTube” for charity. At the time we launched the event, YouTube had numerous charts populated with the Most Viewed, Most Commented, Most Liked, etc videos.

We worked with the nerdfighter community and the YouTube community as a whole to first make videos educating viewers about our favorite charities and then to spam those videos onto YouTube’s charts.

Over the years the original “take over YouTube” goal has changed, as YouTube no longer has various stats charts, but the community and supporters of the event continues to grow.

Various celebrities and YouTubers co-host a 48 hour livestream during the Project 4 Awesome to direct viewers to specific videos and charities. In the past this livestream has been co-hosted by myself, Hank Green and John Green, Wil Wheaton, Hannah Hart, Charlie McDonnell, and many many others.

The Project 4 Awesome runs in December of each year and the increased awareness via community videos leads to floods of charitable donations over this 48 hour period. While the money raised in the first year was relatively small, fundraising efforts have increased each and every year.

In 2017, ten years after launch, the Project 4 Awesome raised $2,028,831 for various charities and since has continued to raise $2-$3 million annually.

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