The Caulden Road

FOUNDED February 5, 2011
The Caulden Road

The Caulden Road is my collaborative musical project with singer and producer Christian Caldeira.

I met Christian Caldeira during the production of my solo album Erase This. When my original drummer dropped out of the project Christian was recommended as a replacement.

In addition to playing the drums, Christian went on to mix and produce Erase This and, for the first time, I found a producer who could capture the sound and the quality I had been looking for. A year after the release of my solo album we formed The Caulden Road and began working on new songs.

Our debut release was the Digital 45 “Shine/Summer of ’09” on April 19, 2011. Since then we’ve released a few EPs, a lot of singles, and a dozen music videos. We are still actively writing and recording new music.