How to Adult

August 2014 - June 2016
How to Adult

I did not start How to Adult (although I wish I had), the show was conceived and launched by the brilliant T. Michael Martin and Emma Mills. However, I was hired to write 15 episodes and host one additional episode of the show.

How to Adult is an online educational webseries focused on teaching all the things you need to know but may not have learned in school. The show covers everything from credit scores to changing a flat tire to finding the right therapist.

Between August 2014 and June 2016 the 15 episodes I wrote were well received, bringing in over 1.3 million views total in that time with 7 of their top 20 most viewed episodes being mine. Here is a complete list of the episodes I wrote in chronological order:

  • 6 Simple Steps to Opening a Bank Account!
  • Master Your Cards in 4 Minutes: Debit vs Credit EXPLAINED!
  • The Number That Changes Your Life: CREDIT SCORES EXPLAINED!
  • Investing & Retirement EXPLAINED
  • How the Stock Market Works… EXPLAINED!
  • How to Buy a Car!
  • How Student Loans Work… EXPLAINED!
  • Renting vs Homeownership: Which is Better for YOU?
  • 7 Steps to Buying a House!
  • Car Insurance Explained, and What to Do After a Car Accident!
  • 10 Surprising Life Hacks to Save (and Make) You Money!
  • 7 Adulthood Myths You (Probably) Believe!
  • 11 Surprising Tax Deductions You Should Be Using!
  • 7 Food Hacks to Make Life Easier!
  • How to Use Your Social Media to Get a Job!

When ownership of the channel changed in late 2016 the writing staff was downsized and I was let go, but I really enjoyed the time I spent working on videos with Mike and Emma for those two years. The series is a great resource for adults of all ages.

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