Reflexion – EP

The Caulden Road - Reflexion

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Artist: The Caulden Road
Genre: Rock

  1. All I Am
  2. Can’t
  3. The Wind
  4. Mirror (Feat. Gardener)
  5. Winter’s Song
  6. Making a Scene

Reflexion is the first EP from The Caulden Road. The EP consists of six original new songs. Every song from the EP received a music video, including two videos animated by Risa Rodil (“Can’t” and “Winter’s Song”), one directed by Nicholas Jenkins (“The Wind”), and three directed by band member Alan Lastufka (“All I Am”, “Mirror”, and “Making a Scene”).

In addition to the standard digital release, Reflexion was also issued as a deluxe edition Blu-Ray Audio + CD.

The Caulden Road - Reflexion Blu-Ray + CD Inside