Transistor_2017 – Single

The Caulden Road - Transistor_2017

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Artist: The Caulden Road
Genre: Rock

  1. Transistor_2017

“Transistor_2017” is a promotional single released to celebrate the five year anniversary of their single “Transistor” from 2012. The single features an updated mix with some re-recorded parts.

Due to technical naming limitations, “Transistor_2017” is titled “Transistor (Rewired)” on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other online retailers.

In addition to the standard digital release, “Transistor_2017” was also released as a free five-track promo CD single to 50 Caulden Road fans who received the promo CD in the mail. Tracks 2-5 were exclusive to the promo CD single.

  1. Transistor_2017
  2. Transistor^Dubstep_Remix
  3. Transistor_0001 (Alan and Kaezie’s Home Demo)
  4. Transistor_0002 (Alan and Christian’s Band Demo)
  5. Transistor*Acappella_Version

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