Unboxing a £10,000 ultra rare box set!

January 29, 2021

This is Steven Wilson’s Ultra Deluxe Music Product on Obsolete Media Limited Edition of One version of his latest album, The Future Bites. Alan was lucky enough to buy this extraordinarily rare box set, of which only one copy was made.

This is the first time Steven Wilson has released a box set like this. It includes the exclusive song, “The Tastemaker“, along with dozens of exclusive items from Steven’s long career, including original handwritten lyrics, props from music videos, his Grammy nomination medallion, and more.

Watch the video for a detailed look at each item, or read SuperDeluxeEdition’s in-depth interview with Steven Wilson here: https://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/steven-wilson-to-release-an-ultra-deluxe-box-set-limited-to-one-unit/