Alan Lastufka

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Super Deluxe Edition Interview

FEBRUARY 5, 2021

Today I was interviewed by Super Deluxe Edition. Super Deluxe Edition is an onlne magazine dedicated to news, reviews, and interviews regarding super deluxe box sets and other special music releases.

SDE interviewed me to talk my recent purchase of Steven Wilson’s Ultra Deluxe Music Product on Obsolete Media Limited Edition of One version of his latest album, The Future Bites.

Steven Wilson made exactly one copy of this gigantic box set. It cost £10,000 (all proceeds went to charity). And is truely unique… The box set features exclusive original artwork, music video props, original handwritten lyrics, vinyl test pressings, polaroids from the album cover shoot, Steven’s Grammy nomination medallion, and – most importantly – an exclusive song!

The exclusive song, “The Tastemaker”, was pressed to one individual 7″ single, and then the master plates were destroyed. Only one physical copy of this song exists in the world, and I own as part of this box set!

The Super Deluxe Edition interview dives deeper into the box set, why I bought it, and what I plan to do with it.