ZineWiki is Back Online!

April 12, 2021
ZineWiki is Back Online

ZineWiki, the independent media wiki, is back online!

ZineWiki – which catalogs the independent press, authors, artists, and distros – ran into numerous database and code problems after I moved on from the site to other projects. For over five years the site was not operational as no entries could be created or edited, but the new admins kept it alive in read-only mode. However, a few months ago, I once again took possession of the site and began debugging and updating all the code with the help of my friend, Andrew Johnson.

Today the site has returned, updated and fully functional. Every single one of the previous 5,000+ articles remain intact, and the site sits waiting to be updated with fresh voices, new titles, and additional archival information.

The independent press has been largely ignored by most library and internet catalogs. In fact, it was the deletion of Alex Wrekk’s Wikipedia page that prompted me, along with co-founder Kate Sandler, to originally build and launch ZineWiki fifteen years ago in 2006. The site saw an immediate flurry of activity as zinesters created informational pages for their own zines, their friends’ zines, and various distros.

ZineWiki still aspires to become the most complete online zine database, useful for zine libraries, archivists, readers, and writers looking to catalog their work. Best of all, ZineWiki is open to everyone. You can start contributing and editing ZineWiki right now!

If you were among the earliest contributors years ago, the site will prompt you to reset your password the first time you log on. If you have any questions or run into any problems, you can contact me here or on twitter @AlanDistro.

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