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10th Anniversary of The Caulden Road!

APRIL 20, 2021
The Caulden Road - 10th Anniversary

Today is the 10th Anniversary of The Caulden Road‘s debut release, “Shine b/w Summer of ’09”.

I co-founded the band with Christian Caldeira in February of 2011 and we began work on our first few recordings. “Shine” was a song I had written for a planned solo album titled Death of a Rockstar that I never released.

And the b-side, “Summer of ’09”, which features the gorgeous voice of the one and only Meghan Tonjes, was a song I’d written for my previous collaborative album, Erase This, that didn’t make the final track list.

Since then we’ve released a bunch of new singles, an EP, a compilation, a ton of great music videos, and some really cool physical media.

In 2019 we pressed our first vinyl release, it was for our single “Shortwave, Pt. 1” (on transparent 7″ vinyl no less!) and released a cassette single for “Erase This” (cassingles were my favorites back in the day).

The “Erase This” single features actress Grace Gordon giving a wonderful spoken word performance on the b-side “If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them…”

And our most recent release, “Turn Signal”, was released last year. Our next single is recorded, we just need to mix it and write a b-side for that release coming later this year!

If you’d like to support our new projects and guarantee yourself a physical copy of future releases, you can support us on Patreon!