Face the Night

ON SALE March 8, 2022
Face the Night - A Novel - Cover Art (1st Edition)


Cellar, Ohio’s first police sketch artist just drew the wrong face. A face with no name, with no voice, but with one hell of a secret…

Adriana Krause has a talent for bringing subjects to life. Until she draws a rotting, mangled face instead of the described suspect. Shocked, she realizes she’s drawn the man who haunts her nightmares. No one has seen this face before—except Adriana.

With few allies on the force, Adriana is alone in her pursuit of the hellish figure from her dreams, while battling her father—the mayor—as he tries to take custody of her young son. She needs this job to save her family, but now the unknown man is all she can draw.

When her nightmares become waking dreams that lead to a series of violent outbursts, Adriana turns to near strangers for help. She must keep her son, unlock the mysteries of this strange face, and uncover one of the darkest secrets ever buried in her small town.




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Face the Night - A Novel - Cover Art (1st Edition)
Face the Night - A Novel - Cover Back Art (1st Edition)

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GENRE Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
PUBLISHER Shortwave Media
ISBN 978-1-7336919-3-2 (Softcover)