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Author: Alan Lastufka

Transistor_2017 Promo CD Singles

Fifty-five of The Caulden Road’s biggest fans will be receiving hand-numbered limited edition promo CD singles featuring a new 2017 mix of our 2012 single “Transistor”, along with four previous unreleased tracks. We’re releasing this as a “thank you” to long-time fans, but also as a celebration of the fifth anniversary of our “Transistor” single, […]

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Huge Digital Archiving Project

I just started a project to finally organize, condense, and archive 15 years of my digital life all on to one 8TB drive. This represents tens of thousands of files and projects and photos to go through and tag properly. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do forever and I finally have the time and […]

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“The Wind” Music Video

Over the last few days I’ve been working on a music video for “The Wind” from Reflexion with director Nicholas Jenkins and actress Meghan Toenyes. This is part of my mission to create a music video for every track on Reflexion. Nicholas and I discussed a few different story ideas for the video, but landed […]

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I sold my stake in DFTBA Records

This morning I sold my entire stake in DFTBA Records. Hank and I started DFTBA in my bedroom in November 2008. We both made music, as did many of our YouTube friends, and we saw the need for a record label that catered to these online musicians. The idea was simple enough: manufacture CDs for […]

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