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“Erase This” Single Out Now!

The Caulden Road - Erase This Cassette

My band’s new single, “Erase This”, is now out everywhere music is streamed or sold. And a limited run of cassette singles are also available!

Listen to “Erase This” now on…

You can also purchase the single directly from this website, on cassette single, in hi-res FLAC, or lossy MP3.

The single is backed with a spoken word poetry track titled “If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them…” featuring actress Grace Gordon. You can read more about this piece here.

This release is the first of seven new singles The Caulden Road is working on over the next year. If you’d like to help support these new releases, you can find our Patreon page here. Patreon supporters get behind the scenes updates from in the studio, early releases, and more goodies depending on their support tier.

Finally, I made lyric videos for both “Erase This” and “If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them…”, which you can watch below.

Yay new music!

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In the Studio: Burning Things with Grace Gordon

Over the last few weeks The Caulden Road has been working on a new audio project with actress Grace Gordon. It’s a song/spoken word piece called “If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them…

The song will be the b-side on our next single, “Erase This”, scheduled for release in the new year.

“If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them…” began as a poem I wrote many years ago, and was the inspiration for the “Erase This” lyrics. I contacted Grace about working together on the spoken word aspect of the project after hearing her performance on the sci-fi podcast Satellite and seeing her in the indie short film Alone with Company.

I wrote the backing music track and laid down a rough sketch, then sent that composition over to Grace. She then gave me seven different performances of the poem… one happy, one somber, one almost whispered, etc. I then comped those seven takes into one master performance.

I color-coded Grace’s different takes to make editing easier, which inadvertently made a wonderful Pride flag in Cubase.
Putting the final touches on a rough mix.

Once I had the basic song developed, I sent the entire multitrack project over to Christian Caldeira (my producer and Caulden Road bandmate). He added a few layers of guitar, replaced my programmed synth bass with a real bass, and engineered the final mix.

Christian Caldeira on guitar
Christian Caldeira on guitar.

Christian’s been using a lot more guitar pedals and other outboard gear in our sessions lately, relying more on capturing the right sound from the beginning and less on tinkering with plugins later.

The Caulden Road stomp boxes

This project is definitely the most experimental thing The Caulden Road has taken on so far, but I hope we tackle more stuff like this in the future. Pop rock songs are fun, but so is spoken word poetry!

I can’t wait to share our new songs with you in 2019! Until then, if you’d like more of these behind the scenes updates, you can support The Caulden Road over on our new Patreon page and get exclusive updates about the music we’re working on as we work on it!

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My First Novel Now Has an Editor!

Chapter One full of my Editor's Notes and Tracked Changes
Chapter One full of my Editor’s Notes and Tracked Changes

My first novel now has an editor! Her name is Nicole Dieker and you can find her work here:

My book is a horror/supernatural novel for adults. The main character, Adriana, is a single mother and police sketch artist who one day draws the wrong face. Adriana’s drawing is nothing like what the witness describes. Soon, that same wrong face is all she can draw. Who does this face belong to and why is it haunting her?! You’ll have to wait and read. 🙂

This edit is the first pass where we look at big picture things. Is this scene interesting? Is it easy to understand? Is everyone acting true to their character? Did they leave the house in the underwear they were wearing a moment ago, or did I put some clothes on them and just forget to mention it? (no really, that was one of Nicole’s notes)

Once all of that stuff is taken care of, we move on to line editing and copy editing. But that’s boring textbook stuff, right now it’s still fun story stuff!

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I Finished the First Draft!

The first draft of my first novel.

I just printed out the first draft of my first novel, A Blackthorn Winter, for its first round of revising/rewriting.

The first draft ended up being 50,926 words, 283 pages, which is 3 lbs of manuscript! This feels so much more substantial than a Scrivener file.

My writing corner.

I’ve had this specific idea for a book sitting around for years, but finally took advantage of NaNoWriMo 2017 to actually write it down. It needs a lot of work, a lot of rewriting, but I’m so excited to see where it goes from here.

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Transistor_2017 Promo CD Singles

The very limited edition Transistor_2017 Promo CD Singles.

Fifty-five of The Caulden Road’s biggest fans will be receiving hand-numbered limited edition promo CD singles featuring a new 2017 mix of our 2012 single “Transistor”, along with four previous unreleased tracks.

We’re releasing this as a “thank you” to long-time fans, but also as a celebration of the fifth anniversary of our “Transistor” single, still one of our most popular songs.

Tracklist for the Transistor_2017 Promo CD Singles:

  1. Transistor_2017
  2. Transistor^Dubstep_Remix
  3. Transistor_0001 (Alan and Kaezie’s Home Demo)
  4. Transistor_0002 (Alan and Christian’s Band Demo)
  5. Transistor*Acappella_Version
Hand-numbered in gold ink!

These special versions won’t be available anywhere outside of this Promo CD Single. But the new mix of “Transistor_2017” will be available for a limited time on Spotify and other digital marketplaces.

The original version of “Transistor” can be found on our The Early Singles collection.