Alan Lastufka

Face the Night

Face the Night: A Novel

Cellar, Ohio’s first police sketch artist just drew the wrong face. A face with no name, with no voice, but with one hell of a secret…

Adriana Krause has a talent for bringing subjects to life. Until she draws a rotting, mangled face instead of the described suspect. Shocked, she realizes she’s drawn the man who haunts her nightmares. No one has seen this face before—except Adriana.

With few allies on the force, Adriana is alone in her pursuit of the hellish figure from her dreams, while battling her father—the mayor—as he tries to take custody of her young son. She needs this job to save her family, but now the unknown man is all she can draw.

When her nightmares become waking dreams that lead to a series of violent outbursts, Adriana turns to near strangers for help. She must keep her son, unlock the mysteries of this strange face, and uncover one of the darkest secrets ever buried in her small town.

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An Excerpt from Face the Night

“Have you tried drawing the face again?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah, I tried a few times after throwing the first one away,” Adriana said. “Maybe it was a dumb thing to do, but it scared Dylan so much. Only, now I can’t quite seem to remember it. It’s just a blur, which is so weird because faces are, like, my thing.”

“And you haven’t seen it in the dream again?”

“No, just the once.”

“I’ve treated people with nightmares and sleeping disorders in the past, but nothing like this.”

“Sleeping disorder?” Adriana asked.

“It’s just a general term for not being able to sleep through the night.” Lisa stirred her coffee and was quiet for a moment. Then her face lit up. “Maybe you could try sleeping with a drawing pad tonight. If it wants to be seen, maybe subconsciously knowing the drawing pad is there will invite it back.”

“Never thought I’d be inviting that thing anywhere.”

“Well, if it’s going to keep you awake at night anyway, treat it like any other problem: confront it. Maybe that will help you see it again, to draw it again.”

“So lay out the welcome mat?”

“Yeah. Stop letting it taunt you. You start taunting it.”

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Directed by Alan Lastufka. Voiceover by Grace Gordon.

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GENRE Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
PUBLISHER Shortwave Media
ISBN 978-1-7336919-4-9 (ebook)