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In the Studio: Burning Things with Grace Gordon

Over the last few weeks The Caulden Road has been working on a new audio project with actress Grace Gordon. It’s a song/spoken word piece called “If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them…

The song will be the b-side on our next single, “Erase This”, scheduled for release in the new year.

“If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them…” began as a poem I wrote many years ago, and was the inspiration for the “Erase This” lyrics. I contacted Grace about working together on the spoken word aspect of the project after hearing her performance on the sci-fi podcast Satellite and seeing her in the indie short film Alone with Company.

I wrote the backing music track and laid down a rough sketch, then sent that composition over to Grace. She then gave me seven different performances of the poem… one happy, one somber, one almost whispered, etc. I then comped those seven takes into one master performance.

I color-coded Grace’s different takes to make editing easier, which inadvertently made a wonderful Pride flag in Cubase.
Putting the final touches on a rough mix.

Once I had the basic song developed, I sent the entire multitrack project over to Christian Caldeira (my producer and Caulden Road bandmate). He added a few layers of guitar, replaced my programmed synth bass with a real bass, and engineered the final mix.

Christian Caldeira on guitar
Christian Caldeira on guitar.

Christian’s been using a lot more guitar pedals and other outboard gear in our sessions lately, relying more on capturing the right sound from the beginning and less on tinkering with plugins later.

The Caulden Road stomp boxes

This project is definitely the most experimental thing The Caulden Road has taken on so far, but I hope we tackle more stuff like this in the future. Pop rock songs are fun, but so is spoken word poetry!

I can’t wait to share our new songs with you in 2019! Until then, if you’d like more of these behind the scenes updates, you can support The Caulden Road over on our new Patreon page and get exclusive updates about the music we’re working on as we work on it!

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