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My First Novel Now Has an Editor!

Chapter One full of my Editor's Notes and Tracked Changes
Chapter One full of my Editor’s Notes and Tracked Changes

My first novel now has an editor! Her name is Nicole Dieker and you can find her work here:

My book is a horror/supernatural novel for adults. The main character, Adriana, is a single mother and police sketch artist who one day draws the wrong face. Adriana’s drawing is nothing like what the witness describes. Soon, that same wrong face is all she can draw. Who does this face belong to and why is it haunting her?! You’ll have to wait and read. 🙂

This edit is the first pass where we look at big picture things. Is this scene interesting? Is it easy to understand? Is everyone acting true to their character? Did they leave the house in the underwear they were wearing a moment ago, or did I put some clothes on them and just forget to mention it? (no really, that was one of Nicole’s notes)

Once all of that stuff is taken care of, we move on to line editing and copy editing. But that’s boring textbook stuff, right now it’s still fun story stuff!

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