Physical Media

Erase This [Cassette]


This title is also available as a digital download.

Track List:

  1. Erase This
  2. If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them… (feat. Grace Gordon)
  3. Erase This (Instrumental Version)
  4. If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them… (Instrumental Version)

Erase This” is a single by The Caulden Road, backed with “If You Have Somewhere to Burn Them… (feat. Grace Gordon)”.

This cassette comes in a retro cassingle o-card case and includes a free MP3 download.

Reflexion (Deluxe Edition) [CD + Blu-Ray Audio]

$19.99 $14.99

CD + Blu-Ray Audio Track List:

  1. All I Am
  2. Can’t
  3. The Wind
  4. Mirror feat. Gardener
  5. Winter’s Song
  6. Making a Scene
  7. All I Am (Extended Rock Mix)
  8. All I Am (Pain’s New Jack Mix)
  9. Making a Scene (Night Shift Mix)

Blu-Ray Music Videos:

  1. All I Am (Director: Alan Lastufka)
  2. Can’t (Director: Risa Rodil)
  3. The Wind (Director: Nicholas Jenkins, Starring Megan Toenyes)
  4. Mirror feat. Gardener (Director: Alan Lastufka)
  5. Winter’s Song (Director: Risa Rodil)
  6. Making a Scene (Director: Alan Lastufka)

The Caulden Road’s Reflexion EP presented on both CD and high-resolution Blu-Ray Audio. The Blu-Ray features a dynamic 96kHz/24bit mastering for all EP tracks, bonus tracks, and the six high-definition music videos.