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Save Santa's Home: The Music

A couple weeks ago I posted about formatting and typesetting the upcoming children’s book Save Santa’s Home. Save Santa’s Home is a project that aims to redirect the climate change discussion from one of anger and hopelessness to one of activism and hope.

While formatting and typesetting the book, I suggested to Sean Presant and Andrew Slack, the authors, that we produce an audio/video version of the book too. They were pretty excited by the idea. I also suggested that maybe Christian Caldeira (my bandmate in The Caulden Road, and producer of my solo music) and I could write some original holiday music for the audio/video version. Everyone was excited about that.

So, Christian and I set out to score the short illustrated film with some original holiday music. We ended up with about a dozen short cues that anchored and lifted the video’s narration.

We’ve collected those short cues together (edited slightly for continuity) into A Starry Night Suite, a free download/streaming version of the Save Santa’s Home original score. You can listen to our cues now on YouTube, or download the score via Bandcamp. The download is name-your-price, meaning it is free or available at any price you choose to pay.

Christian and I didn’t have much time to put the score together (in fact, everything was written and recorded in just two 10 hour sessions, and then mixed the following week), but we’re both happy with how it all came together.

You’ll be able to hear the score in context when the illustrated Save Santa’s Home film premieres later this month.

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