Alan Lastufka

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I Get to Help Make a Horror Film!

JUNE 17, 2022
Hauntology Horror Film

I recently joined the creative team behind the upcoming horror anthology film, Hauntology, as a Producer.

Hauntology is billed as a “Queer Horror Road Trip Movie”. The anthology film follows two sisters as they visit various haunted or cursed locations throughout their town. Each location comes with its own dark story.

Hauntology Storyboard 1

I’ve long had a love for film, with 80s horror being my genre of choice. So getting to work on a film like Hauntology, starring some legends of the horror genre, is a dream come true. I mean, it’s no accident my debut novel, Face the Night, has been compared favorably to Stranger Things and Stephen King’s early work. This is definitely in my wheelhouse.

So many great audition tapes!

I spent the entire evening two days ago watching piles of audition tapes along with four other members of the creative team. We had three roles we wanted to cast that night and, in the end, we were able to narrow down the auditions to our favorites and send out a few offers to those actors and actresses. It was so exciting!

Hauntology Storyboard 3

Hauntology is being produced by Rainbow Swan, a new LGBTQ+ film production company.

The film was written by Parker Brennon, who will also be directing. Parker has shot a gorgeous collection of award-winning short films, all in the horror genre. They have screened these films at festivals all over the country and I have no doubt Hauntology will look just as great as their short films.

Hauntology has already been funded to the tune of just under half a million dollars from initial investors.

But we are currently running a Kickstarter to help fund additional production support and casting opportunities. While the Kickstarter is already fully funded, please head over and support the project if you want to help more diverse horror film anthologies like this exist. Why not pick up some unique perks while you’re there too!