Alan Lastufka

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Face the Night scores 9.75 from the BookLife Prize!

JULY 13, 2022
Face the Night - The BookLife Prize Critic's Report

The Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize just released their Critic’s Reports. I received mine today, and my debut novel, Face the Night, received a score of 9.75/10.

It is currently the highest rated book in the contest, not only in the Mystery/Thriller category, but in any genre.

Lastufka has composed a gripping book that is so compelling that the reader, much like the protagonist, may have trouble falling asleep until they’ve finished the read. Lastufka has intertwined a complex mix of stories, featuring perspectives from a wide range of diverse characters, and touching upon important topics, including racism, corruption in politics, single mothers, disability, and police violence. He does so subtly; each piece of the story is woven together expertly, hauntingly. 

Despite the large cast of the novel, the reader will not find themselves lost, even when the story jumps around to different perspectives. The author does a fantastic job of reminding the reader about past events, character nuances, or specific locations, without having it interrupt the prose or storytelling.

The book flows impeccably. It is storytelling at its best…

The BookLife Prize critics had some wonderful things to say about the book. I am honored and thankful for their review.

The Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize winners will be announced in December. Keeping my fingers crossed that such a high score will at the very least put me in the finals.