I’m a multimedia content creator living in Oregon. On this site you can find more information about my various writing, music, video, and design projects.

Back in 2008 my love for making music, online video, and collaborating lead to me co-founding DFTBA Records with Hank Green, and co-owner John Green. The record label found early success and in 2009 Mashable awarded us “Best Online Music Label” of the Year.

That same year, O’Reilly approached me about writing YouTube: An Insider’s Guide, “the only YouTube book worth getting”, according to ex-MadTV cast member, YouTube star, and Maker Studios co-founder Lisa Donovan. While the book is now a decade out of date, it received numerous printings and launched a few successful YouTube careers.

After building up the record label from my literal bedroom to a 3,000 sq ft warehouse, with annual sales of over $3 million, I sold my stake in DFTBA Records and moved to the Pacific Northwest.

When I’m not writing or recording with The Caulden Road, enjoying gory old horror films or re-reading my favorite books, I’m walking through Oregon’s beautiful woods with my partner Kristen or listening to some great classic rock records.

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You can email at contact@alanlastufka.com